Angels on earth

God’s are not in heaven anymore We see them on the roads In white, in khaki, in purple and sometimes in blue They don’t know any religion They don’t know any race They are fighting an unknown enemy To keep the country safe Let us all help them By doing our bit Stay at home…More

I wish we could start anew

You said you would love me forever Then why are we apart? I hate the way you read my mind I hate the way you make me cryI hate it when you lie to meI hate it when you avoid meI hate it when you avoid my callsI hate it when you are not there…More

Please call me just once

Am waiting for the day When I hear my name on your lips I want to hear you say my name And tell me you love me Tell me you miss me The way I miss you Tell me you love me More than how much I love you Hold me in your arms Whisper…More

I thought we were Soulmates

You I was most vulnerable around In you a confidante I had found I shared my dreams, I shared my fears But you only left me in tears The connection we had was very strong Then why did everything just go wrong You will never understand the hell I feel inside my head Every morning…More

Friends forever

I met you as a stranger You stayed back as a friend I hope this bond we share Will never ever end You will never fully understand How you have touched my life You make me laugh, you make me smile Your presence makes life worthwhile You understand my moods Don’t leave me when I…More

I miss you

I am feeling very lonely Take me in your arms Drive away all my fears Show me your love Show me you care Let me rest my head On your broad shoulders Let me cry in your arms Wipe away my tears Tell me that you love me Just as much as I love you.More


There is regret for things that could not be There is regret for things I didn’t forsee There is regret for friendship I have lost There is regret for bridges I have not crossed There is regret for promises unbroken There is regret for feelings unspoken There is regret for history repeating again There is…More

Dear heart, please stop breaking

I cried for you once, I cry for you once again. The feeling I had for you Came back in waves once again. Getting you out of my mind Will be difficult now. Without you in my life everything seems to have come to an end. I feel lost without you I have lost a…More

Just be there for me

Whenever I need someone to talk to Just be there for me. Whenever my heart is filled with pain Just be there for me. Whenever my eyes are filled with tears Just be there for me. No matter what my problems No matter what goes wrong Just be there for me. When darkness falls around…More

Pain is all that love brings

So many hours have passed All my bags I have packed Not a word from him have I heard I wonder what has occurred Worn out and exhausted I now feel My feelings I try to conceal Thinking of him all day My tears I try to wipe away Tight burning words in my throat…More


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